Unlocking Textile Waste's Power

Revolutionizing Sustainability

"In nature, nothing is created and nothing is destroyed, but everything is transformed"

100 billion garments of clothing are produced annually, yet 87% of all material used for clothing ends up in landfills or incinerators. 

BioFashionTech upcycling technology turns textile waste into valuable raw materials and intermediary products with minimal environmental impact.

Unlock the Power of Fiber Waste: Pioneering Next-Gen Solutions

Innovation & Technology

With our cutting-edge biotechnological process, we're separating and breaking down fiber polymers. This game-changing innovation unlocks the potential of textile waste, giving it new life as feedstock for eco-friendly textile dyes, cruelty-free vegan leather, and clean-burning biofuels.


BioFashionTech save textiles from incinerations and replace the need of new raw material, plastics and dyes at the same time,  transforming complex waste streams into a circular and profitable flow efficiently and sustainably.


Say goodbye to textile waste and hello to a greener future with BioFashionTech! 

With our innovative solutions, we’re breathing new life into discarded textiles, reducing environmental impact, and paving the way for a more conscious fashion industry.

Join Us

Reduce your carbon footprint with BioFashionTech

Using our unique technology we have the ability to save tonnes of carbon equivalent from the atmosphere.

Our raw materials can be used by other supply chain creating a cross value chains, closed solution.

Join us on this exciting journey towards a sustainable tomorrow, where waste becomes a thing of the past and eco-friendly fashion takes center stage. Together, we’ll make a stylish statement and leave a positive mark on the planet.

Join Forces: Become Our Partner in Pioneering Change

Ready to make a lasting impact and be at the forefront of innovation? 

As we revolutionize industries and reshape the future, we’re seeking visionary collaborators like you to help us create a world that thrives on eco-consciousness.

Together, we’ll break barriers, inspire change, and leave a legacy that transcends generations. Join us on this exhilarating journey and become a catalyst for a sustainable revolution.

Boost your eco-knowledge with our sustainable fashion platform

How much water is needed to make a T-Shirt?​

Everyday, we try to be more conscious of our water usage, but there is something that all of us own that consumes 900 days worth of drinking water. Our favorite cotton T-Shirts!

How can one cotton T-Shirt consume so much water?

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